Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Jersey Home

It was move off of the air mattress and on to a queen size bed kind of weekend. Not only do I have my own room, I have my own BATHROOM! I understand these pictures contain no excitement for you, but it was definitely the highlight of my weekend!

This is my lovely yellow bathroom; complimented with a giant candle and fake flowers.

My Grandma Paas painted this. Every bathroom needs a little humor!

Ahh... this is my glorious bathroom storage. The top two pictures are from my favorite running path in Columbia (The MKT Trail). The photos were taken by yours truly.

I managed to cram all of my clothes in this closet, which is already about 100 times more space than I had in New York.

Really exciting top of my dresser...

My walls are a little naked right now. (I had to abandon a few posters/pieces of artwork at home).
But I didn't leave them all! (Brady Quinn will be hung up soon!)

The Queen Size bed! With a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge above it.

Please note my New York Taxi Cab mug sitting on my desk.


  1. ah your dresser is awesome, and i miss all those bathroom decorations! Except I believe that candle belongs in country home corner...

  2. so cute, jules! lots of familiar stuff...(remember how i creepily lived in your room in CoMo for a few months. yea,h left with red hair on all my belongings)

  3. it looks like your room in como but so much more grown up! the bathroom is absolutely precious btw. i'm so happy for you!!