Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't want to leave!

It's getting painfully close to my departure day. The people I work with and hang out with are not making it an easy transition for me..... they keep reminding me that I am leaving and that I should just stay instead. If I could transport my next internship to NYC I would do it in a heartbeat. No day is the same here in New York, and if you are ever bored than you are clearly doing something terribly wrong.

I spent last Friday in Long Island with Katie. How wonderful it was to sleep in a bed (I will NOT miss my air mattress!). We ate in a place called Port Jefferson for both dinner and breakfast. It was an ADORABLE city. It reminded me of Grand Haven and Breckenridge combined. Just a cute little town with shops and restaurants surrounded by water. Katie and I commented on how both our Mom's would love all the little shops. Specifically the Christmas shop for my mother (I have no doubt she would have stopped in there). Breakfast was insanely amazing. We ordered the fattiest thing possible on the menu.... Graham Cracker French Toast this includes the following: Graham Cracker encrusted toast with peanut butter and bananas inside topped of with caramel drizzled delicately on top. We decided against the syrup they gave us to go with it (wanted to save on the calories).

I mixed up my usual Sunday activities (mostly grocery shopping, Central Park, and a museum or touristy thing) with the ever popular brunching. Brunching in New York is more like a sporting event. People gather at one of the many restaurants that offer unlimited Mimosas and Champagne (I'm not kidding, almost every breakfast/lunch place on the UES offers this on Sundays. Becky, Elana, and I headed to a place called Blockheads and spent a total of $12 on brunch and mimosas COMBINED. NY is insanely expensive, so a deal like this is a treasure to all. We then proceeded to watch the Jets/Colts game with some very happy....then unhappy Jets fans. I am most definitely not a Jets fan but it was so much fun being in such an electric atmosphere as New Yorkers are desperately cheering for their team to make it to the Super Bowl.

This all leads up to last night (Tuesday) where I went out with some co-workers and co-interns after work. We started in Union Square where we work. This area is one of my favorites in New York. There are so many great places to eat, shop (or stare lovingly at unattainable items is the more appropriate wording), and hang out. It's going to be really hard not to come to this area 5 days a week. After consuming are very uniquely decorated Duke-a-ritas we proceeded to a different Union Square bar and then back up to the Upper East Side for some Karaoke at Dorrians (a popular preppy/trust fund baby lacoste wearing shirt bar). It should not be surprising that I did not go up to sing. As my roommate from Mizzou always told me when I would walk around singing, "Please stop".

The picture is of Jaymelee and I at Dorrians. I'm going to miss her along with my other co-workers. It's been a really sad week!

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