Monday, January 18, 2010

Time is Ticking!

It was such a great weekend with Katie in town....unfortunately there isn't much documentation. We ate a delicious meal at Blue Fin in Times Square on friday night. The best part was a delicious upside down chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream. After devouring it in about 2 minutes we decided next time we would have to each get our was that good. We capped off the rest of the evening at a dive bar in Times Square (yes, a dive bar does exist in Times Square). Upon entering we were both pretty hesitant. The bar was extremely narrow and clearly filled with regulars. Too say the least, we were a bit out of place....especially when the only seating we found at first was located next to the toilets.

The night was hardly a bust. Despite the fact that we looked pretty out of place in a bar filled with boxing posters and older locals (Jimmy's Corner is the name of the bar....owned by Jimmy Glenn who himself is a former boxing legend), we managed to make some great friends. Katie even managed to bond with Jimmy himself. It was a late night for the both of us...making Saturday a loooong day. However, we managed to make it to the Staten Island Ferry. This is a ferry that you can ride for free to Staten Island (lord knows why you would actually want to get off the boat at Staten Island), while taking in some great views of the city. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and despite almost getting attacked by killer seagulls on the ferry, it was a great experience.

Next stop was some Canal Street bargain shopping. I'm proud to say that neither Katie nor I bought anything. We did get to see the inner workings of some illegal purse shops (Katie's friends were on the purse-hunt). There is really nothing more comforting than having people sneak us into backrooms then use their walkie-talkies to make sure it's safe for us to leave again (safe as in there are no cops around). From here we ventured around SoHo and then made it back to Times Square for some food. O'Lunney's is a great Irish Bar that offers amazing cheeseburgers and beer/cider (my Dad and I actually have been to both here and Blue Fin beforehand). At this point in the night, we were both dragging pretty bad so there was no convincing either of us to go out again....

Sunday I experienced the "New York Sports Fans". I went with a couple of friends to a nearby bar to watch the Jets playoff game... let's just say Jets fans don't have the most clever of chants. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! (insert chest-bumps here). The sports theme continued into today when I took a half day to go see the Pistons lose to the Knicks at Madison Square Garden with a friend. It's too bad the Pistons are absolutely terrible this season (much like many of my sports teams....). So it's been a busy weekend! Scratched two things of my NY to do list. I believe I still have 7 more to go, eek!

Side Note: I saw those footprints and "cliche photo" sign spray-painted on the sidewalk when I was walking to Madison Square Garden and thought it was hilarious.... however the background was just of a Subway so I don't know if that really is something people actually take pictures by...

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